Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rick Snodgrass & PJ Stewart

Hiya, this is Dave Lyons. I was stationed at the twin bases from 1986 - 89. I am looking for Rick Snodgrass ( THE DOORS !!!), and his wife Dee, PJ Stewart, as well….lost memories and forgotten friends…..

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Migration of "Missing" Comments to New BlogSite

Hi everyone, this is Ken Kern, webmaster of the UnOfficial 81st SPS RAF Bentwaters / Woodbridge Site. This blog now represents an addition to our website's "Missing" webpage at:

At the webpage above, the purple right arrow button used to take you to another page. That page exists no more, as I've just finished migrating (see all the posts below) all its contents here. As you can see, these were comments made by folks looking for former 81st SPS colleagues & friends. This new "Missing 81st SPS Airmen" blogspot has now taken over that job.

The "Missing" webpages work. People have found each other because of these posts. By posting comments on the internet, you are making it possible for others to find your comments. And, this is what brings together former colleagues & friends. Anyway, the choice is yours.


I will have to add you as a member to the "Missing 81st SPS Airmen" blogspot. Send me an email requesting this at:


Dennis Crowner

Looking for Brian and Michelle Anderson(and one child at that time)-stationed at B/W 1983-1986. Beleive their hometown may have been near Rochester, NY.

Jack Caniglia

Looking for Scott (Scotty) Brown.  Was my fireteam leader on B Flight 1985-1986.  Lost contact with him early 90s when he got out of the military at Dyess AFB, TX.  I think he stayed in Abilene, TX but not sure if he moved back to Arizona.  His email address on the rosters page is no longer in existence.




Darlene Trujillo, nee Chapman

I am looking for Phil Campbell. He would be about 55 now.  I last heard from him in 1986.  Wondering how you are doing.

Angie Gilson

Looking for Soccorro Valdez (not sure correct spelling) also known as "johnny".  USAF Woodbridge circa 1955. Any info gratefully received, thank you.

James Bicknell

I was at Bentwaters from Jan 78 until Jan 80. I would like to hear from Herb Silva, Thomas (Teddy) Greene, Tom Rocci, and Rick Jenkins. One of our best friends, Tim Rowan, died in a car accident in about 1982 in Wyoming.

Bob Snyder

I'm looking for Carl Spakowski, Daniel Missi, William Schuster, Paul Rubright, Mitch Prichitt, Marc Duncan and a man from Minnesota, Ray Blegan! All served RAF Bentwaters 1974 to 1977

Dave Paine

Would like to know where the following people are: Ray Vansickle, Mark Holt, Mike Lord, Donnie Dillard, Dave George, Brian Leonard, Sean Somes, Steve Wrigley, Rich Fouracre, Anthony Kavouras, Mike Scully, Dave Fitzhugh, Keith Graham, Watson?, John Burton, Nate Hudson, so many others....most from C-Flight Security or LE.  Thanks Dave Paine in Massachusetts

Randy Rock Amstutz

Looking for Michael C Rowe, Joe Rowe was my roomate in barracks 591. We were both in D flight sec.

Ched Capps

I am looking for several people who were in "B" Flight in the early 80's, John "Shotgun" Daly, Jamie Boyd, Paul & Diane Cecilianni (sp?), MSgt Holland, "Roy", and any others that I served with. Would really like to hear from anyone who may know any one from that time.

Dennis Canaday

Looking for friends from "A" Flight 1975-1977. And others stationed there at same time. Harrington, Hunter, Amberson, Feeney, Brock, Mann, Anderson, Mathews, O'Brian, Bolton, Hughs. Have found some, still looking for the rest. Good times and great memories.


Shawn Beahan

Stationed at Woodbridge from March 88 thru March 90. Worked for TSGt Swanson & SSGt Anthony. Looking for Larry Castro, Brian Wickett, Mario Baker, David "Soft" Harris, or anyone else from those days.

Brad Jansen

Looking for then SSGt Jeff Swan. Worked on Bentwaters Security 90' - 92' & played base football. Went onto the work with the dark side and then retired in Vegas. Any current info to contact him would be appreciated. I'm looking for a woman named Allison who lived in Ipswich in the late 80s and early 90s. I believe she used to work or had an internship with BT. She liked to snow ski and swim. Her father & mother used to bowl on RAF Bentwaters. We were good friends back in the day & would like to know how she's doing.

Bill Gorman

I'm looking for members of the old crew "C" Flight Security 1988 - 1990 RAF Bentwaters. Anyone that could place me in contact with A1C Frampton, Dave Young, Mike Knowles, Kim Zawalsky, Greg Shepherd, Grant Covington.. it would be greatly appreciated.

Patrick Poth

Looking for Chris Steer, he usually just shows up where ever I am, but haven't seen or heard from him in several years.

Shawn Beahan

Stationed at Woodbridge from March 88 thru March 90. Worked for TSgt Swanson & SSgt Anthony. Looking Larry Castro, Brian Wickett, Mario Baker, David "Soft" Harris, or anyone else from those day's.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Mrs. Christine Pollard

We are trying to trace a SSgt Albertie Wall, Jr No.AF44083528 of the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing,Air Police. We think some where around 1959 to 1963. We knew him for a few years when he was over here. Our names were Chris and Gerry Pearce, and we were born and bred in Ipswich.

Delphine & Jim Teague

Looking for Chuck & Hollie J. Last known Michigan. Also Gary & Corina Miller Last known Pa area after returning from Sweden. Randy & Anne Coyle Last known Mildenhall.

Scott Pitts

Looking for anyone I was stationed with from 83-86. Started on "C" Flight LE and then moved to "D" Flight LE. Russ-great pictures, although you got my first name wrong.

Mark Chauvin

I am searching for Roger Thomas "B" Flight, RAF Woodbridge, 1977-79, last saw him at Minot AFB 1981.

Maxine Velez

I am searching for Ed Sheehan stationed at Bentwaters 1962-64 81st SPS "D" flight.

Kristi (Kluck) Stluka

Trying to reconnect with any SP's at Bentwaters during the 88-91 time frame. Especially trying to find Mike French, David Price, Dennis Salter, Mark Strathman (Moose) & Chucky. I've been in touch with a few & were talking of a reunion sometime in 2004.

Jackie Bremmer

I'd like to find Rick and Cathy Aguire. Rick & I were stationed at Hill AFB & we both ended up at Bentwaters (77-81). My husband Matt Bremmer was also at the twin bases.

Mike Simon

I'm looking for Louis & Helen Butler & Jim O'Farrell. I've traced the Butlers till Lou made Major & have not been able to locate them since. O'Farrell seems to have dropped off the face of the earth or pub crawling somewhere. Anyone have any news about Bobby Ball?

Rick Hake

I was in Bentwaters K-9 from 67 to Mar 70. I can't recall a lot of names, but a few are Jan Eachus, James Woolsey, Percy Lynn, Julius Ricks, Randolph, Kish, Faulk, Ray, if anyone could put me in touch with them I'd appreciate it. SSgt Rick Hake & Air Dog Flame (7270).

Tony Invergo

Hi, I'm looking for two people. The 1st is John Daly, B flight security at Bentwaters '79-81. Also Trisha (I can't recall her last name) who worked LE. She was stationed at Bentwaters with her husband Gary (he was a civilian). Thanks - Tony Invergo

Don Laisure

Looking for Dave Coffe, Danny Layton, Larry Duchaine, Randy Smith - all stationed at Bentwaters in early 80s.

Joe Hoffer

Would Like to hear from the guys I served with. Clarence Guillory, Phil Lewis, Chuck Turner, Jack Landman, Bob Feldt, Phil Sasso, Tom Brennan, John Kennedy, Dave Hawkins, Terry G. Hayden and so many others that I forget. Come on back!

Ron Hesson

Looking for these guys stationed with at BW in the mid 60's: A2C Mike Allison, LE, A1C Richard Alexander "Alex""B" Flt LE (Hudson, NY), A1C Tom Bond, 81st AP "B" Flt Security, (OH), A1C Sedric B Bradshaw, API, A2C Curtis Clark, 81st AP OR clerk, (Appleton, WI), A2c, Mike Clunis, "Big Mike" LE, (NJ), A1C Kenneth Colton, 81st AP OR clerk, A2C James Deland, "B" Flt Security, (MI), A3C Willis Eades "Chief", 81st AP Security, A2C Paul Gallagher, Security, Schenectady, NY, A1C Gary Gautney, "B" Flt security, A2C Larry King. 81st AP OR, clerk, TSgt James McGhee, 81st AP Security/LE, A1C, Jerry McIntyre, "B" Flt Security desk (last know add Glendale, AZ, A1C Eric Mott, "B" Flt Security, (FL), A2c Terry Nash, BW Security, A2C Tom Schwingle, 81st OR, clerk, Mn?), A1C Ed Sheehan, 81st AP "B" Flt, (Green Island, NY), TSGT Jerome J Skiba, 81st AP Security/LE, A1C, Pat Sposoto (sp), 18st AP "C" FLT, (NJ), SSgt Underwood, 81st AP, LE.

Fred J. Kelly

Man, this is really wonderful, after all the years. You guys had me DEAD & GONE You should know the ole wild Irishman would be a survivor. Worked on "D" Flight 64-67. Sgt. Knuckles, TSgt. Cook. I had the Yellow Van (doormobile). Baedsey & the Smoke were my hangs. Looking for Ray Stroh, Red Gaughran. Hope to hear from some one soooon. Fred

Darryl Baldwin

I'm looking for anyone from "A" Flight 81SPS, circa '77 to '79. SSGT Michael B. Teasley - SGT "Fast Eddie" Edwards - Twin brothers Mark and Greg Zeren - Ronnie Hymen - Bill Barnes - anyone from "Cripple Creek" BW/W Phantoms football team.

John Cook

Looking for old friend & ex-roommate Sgt. Rick Swayze. He was at RAF Bentwaters from 74 to 76. He was from Oregon or Washington. I was NCOIC of Reports & Analysis from the same time period. Worked with Nagy, Gibson, Sleik, Reiling, Poindexter.

Wolfgang Kreisman

Looking for K-9 handlers, Woodbrige 66-69: John (Jack) Keane, Mike Cummings (Michigan), Vincent Rios (Kansas City), Robert Muszynski, Jan Eachus, any other troops from 65-69.

Eve Zamora

There are a couple of guys who I occasionally wonder where they ended up. Unfortunately, I can't remember names to save my life, but here they are - Lt Lemuix (sp?), he worked in the back office. Disco Bob, here's an example of my poor memory. He was a quiet, soft spoken guy who wore glasses & worked security. I have a picture of him that I can post. Maybe someone will know his actual name? Henry Medina, Controller, D or B Flt Security. Last time I saw him was in 93 & he was running Pass & ID at RAF Mildenhall. Mathew "Kimo" Williams, C Flt (?)Security - last I heard from him in 96 he was working security at a resort in Hawaii (the bid island). Luis Zaragoza, last I heard from him in 85 he had cross-trained and was stationed in California.

Clarence Washington

I am looking for anyone stationed at Bentwaters from 80 to 82. I'd love to hear from Westly Jones, Marvin King, Todd Ray, Mark Jones, Vince King, Matthew and Sabrina Hill.

Oscar Medrano

Looking for Steven Tanner, flight chief at Bentwaters during my I was there.. apr 85 - apr 88.. if anyone knows a good email address please advise.. thanks.

Lou Torres

I'm looking for Tony Invergo. Stationed at Bentwaters 78-80. Last known assignment was Plattsburg NY Sept 07 2001.

Todd Taylor

Stationed with my brother-n-law Mitch Landrum. Trying to find Elmore, Smithson, Castillon and Sgt. Dixon. There are many other - just too many to name. Had some good times with these guys!

Michael R. Beeson

Assigned to Bentwaters Jan 86 thru Dec 88. "A" Flight LE. Worked as a desk sergeant & patrolman. My great friends were Ken Hagge, Dave Bishop, Oscar Medrano, Jr, Haley Stover & Patrick Hamby. Still looking for Patrick Hamby, David Narcisse, Matt Rymer aka "Fabian" & David Stickler. These websites work. I have found many friends since March 2001. Lots of great memories from the 81st SPS. Went back to visit Bentwaters in Sept 88. Very sad to see it in its current condition. But that will never deter from all the great memories I shared with my friends. Please give me a shout if anyone remembers me.


Dorian George

This is 'George's' daughter "Penny" he does not have emai. Write me if you would like to get in contact. I know he is looking for Ron Holland. I keep in touch with a few cops.. Kevin Mack, Chevelle Cromwell, Tony Ravenal & a few others.

Dick Shively

Was in the 81st Air Police, K-9 section from 1960 to 1963. The majority of my time at Bentwaters was in the K-9 section. I would really like to hear from other dog handlers.

John Downing

Looking for the following guys I served with from 67 - 70: Jim Wessels, John Dorgan, John Volpe, Wally Walden, Al Pauletti, Don Johnson, Calvin Beamon, Mike leonard, Charlie Webb, John Moneymaker, Neil Eklund, Larry Lehman, Stece Shelt. I found Harvey Neri a few months ago & would like to get a reunion going if I can find some of these guys. I'm sure I've left some off also. Thanks.


Pamela Thompson

I met some of the best people during the time at Bentwaters. I would love to find Haley Wilder/Stover and Donna Harrington.

Ken Cook

Great to hear from anyone who knows whereabouts of (then) Major Jim Foth. He was an F4 "jock", but came to SPS under the Rated Supplement Program. Great guy to work for. Also TSgt Dennis Bolen. Hope someone out there knows them. Looking for any guys stationed with 3911th Air Police at RAF West Drayton 55 to 59. Great little base. Must be some of you old "buggers" left out there - I'm still kicking!

Randy Halbrook

I am looking for Les Nadon we were at Bentwaters 83 - 86 & at Carswell AFB 89 - 91. The Pub Shannon.


Ray Ayers 1st Sgt

Looking for Burt Hamner, NCOIC investigations 1964-67 Bentwaters. Last contact Tuy hoa Viet Nan.

Janet Kidder

"Bob White, if you are still alive and can get to a computer you need to get in touch with me ASAP because I miss you! Janet White now Janet Kidder (from Felixstowe)"

Arnold Skogstrand

Looking for John Kloffer, wife's name was Marlene, was stationed at RAF Bentwaters around 1965 to early 1968. Lived in Ipswich & I think he worked LE. Any info?

Lori Rehfeldt

Would love to hear from Rick Aguire, Alan Spoonhour, cool seeing Mark Benoit's photo from 1985! I would love to hear from him too. Also - Gary Schuman, Terry Stanberry, Gerrie Malcolm, Dave Richard. I wonder where Bonnie Tamplin is? Susan Sharpe? Ron Mele? Do some of these names make you smile or... See ya!!

Ken Kern

Looking for Robert J. Waterson. He was in Bentwaters "B" Flight Security. Last I heard he cross-trained to Command Post duty. He retired from AF. Anyone know his whereabouts? Also, looking for Labrucherie, "Bolo" Wagner & Rick Jenkins (all "B" Flight Security).

John Downing

Looking for guys I served with from 1967-1970,"D" Flight Security, Bentwaters: Jim Wessels, John Volpe, Al Pauletti, Don Johnson, John Moneymaker, John Dorgan, Frank Satterfield, Neil Eklund, Larry Lehman, Wally Walden, Mike Leonard, Steve Shelt & Calvin Beaman.

Eddie McAfee

Looking for any 81st APS or SPS members from 62 to 65 and 73 to 76.